Lew Bear

Lew Bear is a dynamic live performer and songwriter, playing his own Dirty Roots style, which is a blend of Americana and British folk. Lew can be found recording next to rivers and in forests just as often as in the studio - if not more - and if he’s walking over a bridge and likes the sound, odds are high he’ll use that bridge for percussion in a song.

Having started off as a drummer in grunge/punk band Test Meet in his teens, Lew has mellowed with age, first switching to percussion for Celtic Folk band Cross The Border, before branching out on his own with the guitar in 2011 with his debut album 'Done In The Dark', which featured great musicians such as Christian artist Steph Macleod, classical violinist Yuuka Yamada and Gypsy Jazz bouzouki King John Duffy. Lew then hit the streets and busked for his supper for a couple of years – anyone who knows how much he loves food will know how this provided the motivation for vast improvements in all aspects of his performance

In 2013 Lew Bear released his 2nd album 'Down By The Riverside' which is completely solo, live and recorded outside in nature – next to streams, in woodlands and fields and featuring all the accompanying sounds you’d expect. The album’s recording was a journey of peace and spiritual moments as the whole of nature at times often seemed to conspire to make things perfect, including birdsong solos and perfectly timed sound swells from wind rustling through the grass (though mankind threw spanners in with more than the odd plane flying by causing ruined takes and much frustration!). No effects or overdubs were allowed on this record, which helped provide a wholly natural experience.

Lew at The Swan2014 sees the release of studio album 'Ripples'. Recorded with Gypsy Jazz King John Duffy at his Next Window Studio in Ayrshire, it promises to be the finest Lew Bear release to date and showcases his variety of styles from the pop folk of title track Ripples, to the Dirty Roots of The Tramp and mellow Celtic inspired ballads like Twice As Near.

Lew Bear also features on Red Dragon Records 2nd Renaissance Compilation 'Indies Answer to Now', and 'Songs For Shelter' from Wildfire Sessions, for whom he was Artist Of The Month for July 2013.

For more information on Lew and his music please look through this site where you can find upcoming performances and hear some of his tunes.

Email: info@lewbear.co.uk